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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One of my favorite websites is Velvet and Linen ,,
 from designer Brooke Giannetti.  To say that everything on her site is gorgeous is an understatement.  In addition to loads of gorgeous updates, she recently featured a home in Santa Barbara, California that was original brought to us from House Beautiful.  This house is only 12 years old, but what the owner and interior designer Penelope Bianchi did with it is extraordinary.  Out of all the houses I have perused over the years, this one ranks way up at the top.  Her "decorating" is exquisite because it looks so undecorated, as if it evolved over decades.  The vines are Virginia creeper, which are now going into the house, which is ok with Penelope.  Take a look - it is absolutely enchanting.

All photos - copyright House Beautiful

A copper tub - my favorite

Virginia creeper vine

Her style is traditional, yet unexpected

What a gated entrance - love the lanterns

Notice how she uses so many elements, yet it doesn't look like your old neighbor's front yard - sophisticated

The "barn" garage

Chaise lounges on gravel overlooking one of her many gardens

The wildlife pond

Another view - again, this was a vacant lot with a few trees when she purchased it

You can't go wrong with this color - so gorgeous

I can't even speak - look at that panel

Her bedroom - I just want to curl up!

Her bath - I love the dress vanity in the corner and the color, too

Look at the assortment of photographs and artwork on the walls...

An asian bridge over a dried creek bed makes a beautiful scene in another garden

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sharondavishansen said...

Wow, I love that Virgina Creeper and who wouldn't love that twig gate!

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