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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The White Booth -- Five of Us Gals in our New Antique Booth, The *B* Hive

Most of my readers know that I sell antiques and that I have a space at an antique store here in Newnan, Georgia.  It has proven to be a wonderful experience for me to be at Rockin B' Antiques, as I have made some great friends, had some great sales, and received a lot of hugs and support after the passing of my husband in January.  As my friend Denise told me "You are meant to be here."  I can't even express what the people of Rockin' B have meant to me.

So, when some friends from Rockin' B invited me to join them in another space in the store, I was excited.  What we have done is create a white booth, which is right up my alley, as I love muted colors...white, gray, cream, pink and robin's egg blue.  With Denise, Nicole, Martie, Kathy and Georgia, we have created a dreamy white booth featuring a different accent color for each month.  We call ourselves "the *B* Hive."  We started in late May and continued into June with the accent color being "Coke bottle green".  During July, our accent color is Apricot, with tones of Amber and natural elements scattered about...lots of sea shells, wood, and other gifts from nature.  I have featured some photos of our booth, along with a link to our blog.  Please check out  the blog and add yourself as a follower.  The white booth changes daily. And if you live in the Atlanta area or are just passing through, please stop in and see us.  You won't be disappointed!

 A Vintage Bench with French Script Fabric, a Shell Wreath, a Handmade Shell Mirror, and a Shabby
White French Headboard - just a few of the items at The *B* Hive

Nicole took a leather top vintage table and created a french masterpiece

White Shabby All Around
Another Nicole Masterpiece...Chippendale Table, Now Featuring a Top Filled with Vintage Sheet Music
 and a Wonderful Creamy Distressed Finish

More of Our Wares

Nicole's Hand Made Shell Mirror - That Girl is a Go Getter!

Another Photo of Nicole's Table - It is Awesome!

There's Nicole Pricing Some Items in The *B* Hive

The *B* Hive Blog

Rockin' B Antiques is located at  2025 Highway 154  NewnanGa30265 
Tel 770 253-8730

Monday, June 27, 2011

A Touch of Grey - the Most Romantic of Colors

For the last couple of years, the entire design world seems to be obsessing over grey...interior designers, architects, fashion designers, photographers...all turning to grey for inspiration.  I have to admit that I didn't jump on the grey bandwagon immediately...then suddenly I realized that so many of the homes that I love, most importantly the interiors, feature this most romantic of colors.  What is it about a room, empty with the exception of a banister or chandelier, floating in grey, that makes me swoon?  For me, it's a reminder of why I love cloudy, misty days, old, drafty mansions and dapple grey's pure and simple romance.  A naturally weathered grey picket fence makes me smile, as does a wall of stacked gray stones against a backdrop of foot high grass.  Over the past two years, I have brought several shades of grey into my own home.  In my office, I have paired lavender with grey for the walls, and have accented the room with white, deep gold, silver and black.  In my master bedroom, I have brought together grey, cream and taupe, accented with a very deep, almost brown, red.  I have featured photographs of some interiors that make me say "ahhh", along with some of the cloudy days and dappled greys that remind me of why I love this color so much.  Enjoy.

Link Within

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