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Monday, March 21, 2011

Prince William and Kate - I Can Hardly Wait

I realize that there is more to life, and certainly more important things in life, than the wedding of a handsome prince to a gorgeous commoner, but to moi, who is devoted to all things British and all things Royal, there really isn't much better than a full day of pomp and circumstance, courtesy of Wils and Kate.  I must admit that I have been stalking them on their wedding web page, and buying every tawdry tabloid that I can get my hands on.  I plan to sit in my living room, with my telephone turned off, my dogs at my side (they are, after all, Yorkshire Terriers, so they will also be glued to the telly), and hopefully wearing a really frumpy, purple oversize hat, drinking tea from a china cup and saucer (probably something equally frumpy) while I think about how much it would have cost me to fly over and push and shove my way to the front of the crowd to get a glimpse of the future king and queen of England.  But the piece de resistance would be a glimpse of the Queen herself, d/b/a Queen Elizabeth II.  I know what you are thinking...she was born into the most privileged of families.  Yes, she's often appears to be a little uptight and she always has that same handbag on her arm.  But when it comes right down to facts, she is a public servant in every sense of the word.  She became Queen when she was just a girl and has never wavered from her loyalty to her country.  You are correct in that she has never had to worry about a paycheck, whether the electricity might be cut off at Windsor Castle due to failure to pay the bill, or whether Balmoral may need a new roof.  I still admire her immensely, not just for her sense of duty, but for her supposedly wicked sense of humor.  The one thing I do find worrisome is her treatment of her children when they were young...we have all heard the stories about the children being raised by governesses and butlers.  Maybe that is all she has ever known.  Her treatment of Diana was equally cold, but I can imagine that Diana could be intimidating even to the Queen of England.  Goodness knows The Duke of Edinburgh (that would be the Queen's hubby to you people who could care less) had his fill of Diana (I find her captivating).  

So, do you get where I am coming from?  Please refrain from dissing on the Queen in my presence, please cut me some slack when talking behind my back about my obsession and please, for goodness sake, do not call me on April 29th.  Thanks!

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