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Monday, November 1, 2010

It was a great day back in September

 Many of my friends and family have already heard about the fantastic time I had on a Saturday this past September, doing what I love most...picking!  And that's not's for junk...rusted, crusty, old and dusty.  The stuff that alot people don't want anymore...but now there's a whole new set of folks that do want it and it's getting more expensive.  However, if you don't mind digging, getting your hands dirty and shoving away the random dog and spider, there are some awesome old things out there, waiting for that new forever home.  I am posting pictures of some of my finds from that day in was a great day in so many ways.  I was doing what I love, meeting some very interesting people, the sunlight that day was amazing, and it was one yard sale after another for about 30 miles (Hallelujah, hallelujah).  Perfection with the exception that my sweet Lucky dog (my gigantic mixed breed rescue - had him for 12 years and he was my sidekick through life) and my sweet mother were not with me.  My mom was my partner in crime, my cohort, my love, my best friend.  But she was really with me...I believe she was sitting on my shoulder.  I could just hear her saying "What are going to do with that?" or "I don't know...I wouldn't buy it but you know more about this stuff than I always do well...don't listen to me."  And I did do well that day.  I found some wonderful, interesting items..some to keep, some to pass on to others.  and all the while I had a blast doing it with the most extraordinary angel in the world telling me to have fun, to move on past my heartache and to be true to myself.  Which is why I am, at this very minute, posting to this blog and knowing that my last day of the 8-5 grind in downtown Atlanta is approaching, November 5th.  Thanks Mama.

And to all you followers and readers out there, send me some love by leaving a comment...It's lonely out here in cyberspace:)

Still haven't figure out what this iron lid once belonged to - but I loved it anyway - will be a great addition to my kitchen.  If anyone knnows what it belongs to please let me know.  My research hit a dead end.

She is warped and tattered but still beautiful - Keeping her
The perfect little table for that perfect little place in my bedroom
An arcade machine from 1941..."Your Ideal Love Mate" - could have sold it a dozen times
 before I even got to my car that day
Loved this old wooden crate - perfect for holding towels
A fun vintage bar tray with the folding legs in the back - perfect for that retro look
A tattered old book from 1901 that I love - the patina is beautiful
Not worth much but liked it anyway
A ceiling tin from an old building in Senoia Georgia - now in my living room
The picture doesn't do this lovely maiden justice - again, not that old and not worth much but a great look
From the Belmont Textile Mill in North Carolina - I am keeping this one

Yes, it is the real deal and it really did belong to THAT Colonel Tom Parker
My love of turquoise - I had to have it.  The perfect ending to a perfect day


Glo said...

Hey Cynthia,
This is the first blog I have ever been a part of and I am glad it's yours. The music is wonderful, the pictures and everything. Thanks for doing this. I find it very peaceful. Glo

Cynthia Banks@aloveofthepast said...

Thank you Glo - I knew I could count on you for encouragement. Also, don't know if you were on here long enough, but I have the theme song from "Somewhere in Time" by John Barry included in the playlist. Just for Jen and McKenna:)

Sharon said...

I'm on a few blogs with faux finishers and I love it, it keeps you intuned to what's going on out there!
Love the print of the girl on the bench, and the patina's on the old signs, makes me feel warm and cozy. For sure, Gee had a great time picking with you!

Patti said...

I am enjoying your blog... as it is coming together nicely. I can't wait until you have completed your last 8-5 and can start making your dream come true. I like the warped and tattered lady, the table and the old worthless clock. As always... beauty is in the eye of the beholder... <3 Love the stories about your mother and look forward to getting to know her better as well.

Judy said...

Amazing! You really have a knack for this :) I love the "Heart of Dixie" license plate.
I am also a newbie to "blogs"....I'm glad you could be my first :) tee hee hee!!!

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