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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Less Is More -- At Least Part of the Time

I have always had a love of rooms that are decorated to the hilt...lots of things on table tops, lots of pillows...busy I guess you could say.  But lately, I've found myself drawn to rooms that are actually quite bare.  The simple placement of a sofa and nothing more than a frame with no art hung above it. Or a sumptuous bed placed in the middle of the floor in a room with only a night stand and a vase full of gorgeous hydrangeas.  Take a look at the photos here.  For me, each room is so soothing.

This plum tufted bench with white legs paired with the vase is stunning

I am still all about muted whites, creams, grays

Love this bath - from a home in Greece

I find myself drawn to Gothic, dark wood paired with white

This room only needs the rumpled sheets and sumptuous drapes 

This is what I'm talking about when I mention the bed in the middle of the floor - love it

A perfect nook

Understated glam

I like the different woods here -- they add texture and that's all this room needs

The walls and floors are the stars of this room

With these paneled walls, what else do you really need?

The color of this chair is so wonderful - and I love those books

Another room with the main piece of furniture in the middle of  room instead of against a wall

This room has the Gothic element I so love - and the mural is wonderful

An elegant stairway -- surely a beautiful woman dressed in black is about to emerge 
I think the star of this room is the light
Again, the molding in this room is the focus
This dressing room only needs the white bench and the mirrored walls and doors

The tub has a simple modern shape and is terrific paired with the chippy shutters and shabby look of the room

This room seems very castle-like -- LOVE this

Marble and marble -- great

The bold reds and pinks against the old faded plastered wall is so lovely

Those are some great windows

This room is in Sweden

I would be happy to give my right arm for the ceiling beams here

More beautiful paneling paired with an amazing floor

The obvious star of this room is the wall color - not quite pink, not quite salmon - what color is this?

A round bed that takes up the entire room -- how cozy

Beautiful, random textiles that all work together so beautifully

This appears to be a staged vignette, but still lovely

Bare walls are not something you will find in my house -- but I like them in this room

If you know me, then you know that for me this room is all about the Union Jack rug!

More gray, more bare floors, more plastered walls.  More perfection
This kitchen is quite long - not sure what's on the other side -- the view here is lovely

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