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Sunday, October 31, 2010

How did we end up with these two dogs?

As I sit upstairs, looking out over my rose garden through the upstairs window, watching a sweet family stroll their infant son down the street, I'm reminded that I have two extremely crazy dogs...they are doing laps around the coffee table.  After doing that endlessly for about 5 minutes, they tear off down the stairs to the living room, where they proceed to spin in place for a good 5 seconds because they can't get their footing in order to run like a herd of horses again.  Then I hear Tony in the kitchen, "ya'll are crazy!".  Then he yells up to me, "they are crazy!"  No...really?  Anyway, enough about those two nut cases, whom I might add, I am crazy about and love so very much.  I am still waiting for my blog headers and design template to come through so you have really use your imagination for now.  Maybe grab the latest House Beautiful magazine and then quickly read my blog...perhaps you will get confused about where you saw the gorgeous pics of the latest dream home and you will think you saw them here -- I promise that this will get better!  In the meantime, I hope everyone had a fantabulous Sunday, filled with all the things that Sundays are supposed to be about...worship, sunny skies, football, food and drink, shopping, a nice walk, great times with family and friends...and I hope your dogs are as zany as these helps me to know there are others like me...those who share their nest with crazy canines.  Until we meet again, have a great evening.

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Barbie said...

Love the pictures, the music, everything! Can't wait to see the interesting and beautiful things that you find.

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