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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's All About Location...English and French Country Houses

While surfing the internet, perusing blogs and websites devoted to all things old and must, crusty and dusty, I found this wonderful site, JJ Locations, that provides locations for film, photography, fashion and commercial shoots.  I could easily waste a day looking at each and every house...but as always, was drawn to the old houses of England, with a few from France thrown in for good Francophiles need love too!  So I decided to feature a few of my favorites.  I know the maintenance on these homes must be incredible...but a girl can dream...I just want to check in for a month or May or June...with my dogs and my laptop...and an Aston Martin to get me to and from.  Enjoy...

Old brick, slate roof...old shutters...perfect

Do you really need more than a nice swing on a  grassy  country path on a spring afternoon? Nope

That's the kind of "green" money cannot buy - it takes time and age 

This would make for a beautiful walk each day

Don't you always wonder what's behind a door like this?

So "Price and Prejudice" - what's not to love?

What a lawn...

So lovely --- snow and an old farm...

I could easily hang out right there...

Overgrown, neglected....and wonderful

Interior view of one location in England -- the  natural light in this hall is nice

Beautiful Meadow - this could actually make me skip:)

Another beautiful farm

This photograph appears to have been taken in the spring time  -- perfect time to explore England

How many horses have trotted along this path? across this wooden bridge over time?

More snow - beautiful - this is near Scotland

How incredible is this staircase? And all that muted white and gray?

Probably someone's weekend estate -- I would settle for just one weekend

Same house...this reminds me of the film "The Duchess"

Peaceful Perfection

Let's have a girl's night out in the conservatory, shall we? We can invite Prince Harry

Scotland location - probably really cold but I can handle cold weather

Gothic Spendor - and the steps!

Another gothic beauty

This one is in France -- it looks like a fairy tale

I have always dreamed of living next to a river - love the sound

Potting shed from the above estate - love the simplicity of this space

Southern states aren't the only place to find wisteria - such a beautiful vine

All photographs copyright of JJ Locations

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