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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Great Tricks from Flea Market Trixie

Because I follow close to 100 blogs, I am always finding other bloggers who inspire me, wow me and make me feel happy all over.  Flea Market Trixie is certainly one of them.  From Tallahassee, Florida, she is forever amazing me with her great sense of color, and it also helps that her favorite colors are also my own (smile).  She is a master at re-purposing, at taking the castoffs, the throw outs, the things that others find outdated, unusable or just plain ugly...she can turn a duck into a swan.  So here's to Flea Market Trixie and her love of old things, great color and other's castoffs..

Re-purposed shutters are turned into a fantastic headboard with the back of a bench as the top molding

She turned this old window into art

She customized a piece of burlap with her and her boyfriend's last names

My favorite - an old galvanized burner, fitted to a table bottom and a beautiful wood top was added

Mismatched china makes for an inviting table under the trees

Thanks Flea Market Trixie!

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