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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Good Night, My Sweet

I expect Audrey Hepburn to be walking in any second now
In the past, I have blogged about some pretty fantastic rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and baths, etc.  I am unsure if I have ever featured a bedroom blog, but considering I'm laid up in mine quite a bit due to an accident, I find myself pondering about things such as night lights, sheets, and if whether my bedroom gives me the warm fuzzies, which I am happy to say that it does.  I would hate to be forced into a complete redo at this point, considering my condition, so it is a very good thing that I find my bedroom to be a happy place.  I just have to overlook the dog toys, dog beds (which are seldom used for their original intention -- they are instead carried by the canines from room to room just for the heck of it), dog chewies, and of course two dog crates ...once you get past all of this, I think it's a very pretty room.  When my husband passed in January of this year, this room held some sad memories.... he spent so much time there in his last days when he wasn't feeling well.  After his passing, I got rid of all the pill bottles, the blood pressure machine and all the other reminders of the fact that a very sick man had spent so much time there.  I felt that it needed to become "my" bedroom, since I would no longer be sharing it with this wonderful person who had crossed to the other side.  I painted the walls (haha - more like my painter Daniel painted the walls) various shades of grey, painted the ceiling tray a lovely golden brown and got rid of all the red with the exception of a few accessories that were very beautiful or sentimental.  With gray and white quilts and lace bedding over a burlap bed skirt, I was very happy with the transformation.  While I was in the midst of this redo, I found myself looking at photographs of bedrooms featuring so many different styles.  Just like everything else I find myself drawn to, the common element is romance.  Whether new or old, European or American, muted or bright, I love things with a romantic twist.  The photographs I have gathered here feature bedrooms that I have fallen in love with, that give me the warm fuzzies.  There are many different design styles, but they all make me want to crawl into the bed with a great book, a glass of wine, my dogs (when they have finally grown tired of dragging things from one end of the bedroom to the other), and some great just "be".


A crystal chandelier, a rock wall, the attic ceilings,
lavender bedding -- this is a great room
Courtesy of Little Emma English Home
This probably doesn't exactly qualify as a "bedroom" but I
had to include it -- there's what appears to be a mattress, pillows..
how incredible -- in Maldives

Rachel Ashwell, Supreme Goddess of all things Rumpled, Chipped and Beautiful, has
a new book out, "Shabby Chic Inspirations".  I wasn't crazy about her last book,
but bought it anyway because I must have them all.  I picked up this latest book recently
and I like it a lot.  I feel as though I should curtsy when I look at these pictures
she is still the Queen of what is truly "Shabby Chic" to me

I immediately thought of my daughter Sarah, when I saw this
photo from Ashwell's latest book.  Sarah's own bed looks much
like this one -- I describe it as "cloud like"

Yet another Ashwell masterpiece - again, from her new book

I've has this picture saved for ages - I just love the
simple, rusty iron bed and the utilitarian way the bed is made

It would seem that I am drawn to outdoor elements brought inside - crazy about this room

This just looks so inviting...I also sleep with 5 pillows
Courtesy of Simon Gray

This gorgeous room can be found in Scandinavia
in an old apartment - love all the brick inside

A round bed in what appears to be a very small room,
but with terrific lighting and great sheets...the size of
the room is of no importance

Gives new meaning to "A Room with a View"
A house in Madrid, Spain, Courtesy of Inspiring Interiors

This bedroom is located in a French manor house.  I was over the
top with this rock wall inside the bedroom.  So awesome.
Courtesy of Brabourne Farms

Some would call this floral pattern "frumpy or "grandmotherly"
It's from Colefax and Fowler and I think it's scrumptious. To
me, it works so beautiful because the floors are so
rustic, the walls faded and plain, the windows so tall.

Muted colors, nothing on the walls...very simple, yet so elegant
Courtesy of Christina Fluegge

This is my interpretation of a perfect lake house bedroom
Courtesy of Allison Davidson

An olive green chaise lounge, French paneling...this is gorgeous
Courtesy of Axel Vervoodt via Trouvais

I have noted  the source of each photo when able

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