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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Little Cottage Shed - When One Room is All You Need

As I sit in my little upholstered chair in my living room, thinking about how much I enjoy living in this house that I shared with my sweet, late husband and my daughter for the last 18 years, I am also thinking about how overwhelming it is to take care of now that I am on my own.  With a finished basement and two additional floors, an acre of landscaped grounds and a pool and pond, I sometimes wonder if I will ever be able to keep up with all that is required.  It's not that it's a palatial estate -- just that it's a lot of house for this 49 year old soul.  But I love it here.  I have around 60 roses, over 300 bearded iris, and the house works great for me with my antique and ebay business.  And of course, I am blessed to have a home...a place that brings me such joy and reminds me of how fortunate I am in so many ways.

Downsizing continues to be a strong possibility in the future, but not any time soon.  In the meantime, I was thinking to myself, "how much room does one woman with two dogs and an old cat really need?"  I think I could easily live in one of these enchanting places.  Enjoy

Who needs a house when you have a pool house like this?  I love how close this  place is to the pool itself

You know me and my love of Britain - I'm guessing this thatched roof beauty is somewhere there. 
 My guess is Hansel and Gretel can't be far behind...and the Seven Dwarfs for that matter.
Victorian perfection - I especially like the steps and the fence

Based on the surroundings, I would guess this is out west - straight out of "Little House on the Prairie"

Gothic grandeur - this is possibly my favorite

More thatched roof love

Solitude amongst the mountains and a lake - how wonderful

What a setting

I love the old wood, the windows that look like they could use a good scraping

My love of robin's egg blue is in full force here

A mini chateau in your backyard

A storybook cottage if there ever was the gingerbread work at the roof line

Now that's a tree house - my second favorite here

Modern, yet cozy and warm -- what a view - looks like the islands

All we need here is Jeremiah Johnson to complete the picture...then I truly would be in heaven

Another tree house - how fantastic - looks like it was built in a day from the scrap yard

Just prop me up in that robin's egg blue chair next to this little beauty and I will stay forever

Not exactly a cottage or a shed, but wow...I want to peer out my kitchen window at this every day

Love among the ruins - how romantic...I could even overlook the probability of mice

Perhaps that is a note tacked to the window from Mr. Darcy himself, letting me know that he will return soon

Winter beauty - I do love cold weather

White wander -- what a picture of spring perfection

I love the Cape Cod look of this - and the flowers...and the windows
Hope you had as much fun looking at these little gems as I did finding them.  Photo and design credits are unknown so please forgive.

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