My name is Cynthia and I love interior design, architecture, antiques, all things vintage, all things British (a tried and true Anglophile), a love of things that are time worn and hold secrets of days gone by. I love animals and try to respect their place in our world. I enjoying talking about the most beautiful places in the world, some exotic, some in our own neck of the woods. I love family and friends, music and movies. And most importantly, I love talking about these things with a daily dose of humor because I love to laugh and we all deserve to. So come on...let's go for a stroll.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

A Short Break

It's been a super busy summer and I've been traveling a great deal.  I will be posting details about that later.  In them meantime, I am taking a short little break from blogging and will be back in the swing of writing within the next week or so.  So please stay tuned and thank you for supporting my blog.  I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoy the writing...I'm over 30,000 reads so far!

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