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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Robin's Egg Blue - How I Love You

Shed from home in Wiltshire England - What a wonderful door

What color represents spring time more than robin's egg blue? It just a happy color that represents a re-awakening...of nature, in particular, crisp mornings, warm days, birds singing and grass turning green.  It is such a romantic color.  How can you not be happy when in its presence?  It has certainly experienced a rise in popularity in home decor, popular both inside and paint, furnishings, accessories and outside by our pools, in our gardens and in our outdoor rooms.  I have featured some of my favorite photographs gathered from various blogs, websites and magazines.  I don't have references on some so please forgive if I didn't credit you properly and feel free to comment if you know the source.  Some of the photos feature a little bit of a variation on the color robin's egg -- love is indeed blue.  Enjoy

Kitchen courtesy of

What a wonderful oven

Morning Star Refrigerator - what memories this would bring to a kitchen

 I love this fan!

Now that's a wonderful laundry room - I might enjoy doing laundry in here

Photo courtesy of Sally Jean

Serenity defined - that's what robin's egg blue is all about

Lovely dining room - the Chippendale chairs are fab!

Hollywood Glamour in Robin's Egg Blue as only Billy Haines can do

A greener shade of Robin's Egg - so lovely

Shades of Robin's Egg on the sofa and in the paintings - I love the "happenstance" look of this room -
 designed but not "decorated"

Robin's egg in a wonderful vintage upholstered sofa

A robin's egg sky in Wiltshire England - this house still reigns as one of my all time favorites and can be found
 on one of my previous blogs - drool worthy

And last but never least, my daughter's god sister, McKenna Smith Echols, in her  beautiful bed featuring her beautiful bedding in robin's egg blue, pink and white - she is beautiful

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