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Sunday, October 23, 2011

You Are So Me

One of film's sexiest couples, in one of film's
sexiest films ever, "The Thomas Crown Affair"
starring Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway

I have been thinking a lot about what I wanted to discuss, as I excitedly start writing again after a summer of little writing.  I mentioned in my last post that I had suffered a serious injury in an accident last month.  To that end, I am going to be writing more often and make every attempt to lose myself in my writing.  So, I've gotten over the tough part, which is making the decision to write.  Now, my thoughts turn to "what to write?"  After much pondering, I decided that it wasn't necessary to write about a particular topic.  In the past, I have written about everything from a family vacation in Europe to houses in England that I find enchanting.  But this time, I ask you to take a walk with me to just appreciate beauty where ever we can find people, places, homes, architecture...whatever shall be shall be.

Thank you to my followers and readers out there, for always encouraging me to get back to what I love....the old, the inspiring, the beautiful.
Please enjoy

How feminine -- love the mirror

What a wonderful spot for morning coffee...or margaritas with the girls

A desk display - so beautiful as art

Ms. Bardot certainly has "it" 

This bath in a home in the Hollywood Hills knocks me out.
Those French casement doors, the mirror sconces and of course, the tub

Simple Perfection
My own bed features this many I need the canopy...and the view

Another knockout - my personal favorite -- grand, castle-like in scale
and I love the messy bed

If you know me, then you know this is a dream of mine -- it's on my bucket list
grab one of my best girlfriends and head across the US in a
vintage camper - and hope for no tornadoes

Hard to believe this photograph isn't photo shopped but it's the real deal...
a castle in Wales -- Gothic beauty

The floors, the bench and the paneled walls -- what's not to love?

This daybed is from a home in France -- I think I could find happiness here

Eat Pray Love -- I love Julia Roberts - the movie? It was worth renting
Javier Bardem? worth every minute -- I liked this movie for the scenery if nothing else

Straight up elegance -- the clock and candelabras -- what a beautiful bath

My guess is this room belongs in a castle or English Manor home -- love the hap-bazard
cloth over the table -- the black and white floor -- the molding...Mr. Darcy has to be close by

This room only needs this bed, the beamed ceiling, and those windows -- the rest is just along for support

The ceiling -- crumbling beauty...the rounded door and the weaving stairs
makes me say "ahhhhh"

I could spend a summer a this French country home...

I have always had a weakness for these English garden stones and grass--
love the concrete ball, the head of the statue on the bench...
Richard Gere? Debra Winger? Need I say more? I admit it...
My fantasy man for years after seeing this film about 5,000 times
Just goes to show...a great bed, great linens, a great window with a beautiful
view and built in bookcases -- what more do you need in a bedroom?
Ok, yes, George Clooney would be the icing on the cake...and I almost forgot
look at the wood paneled ceiling --

From Cote de Texas, a blog that all of design bloggers bow down to,
featured this lovely gray kitchen, with built in cupboards faced with
chicken wire, the fantastic window in between, the lantern light fixtures and
the gray wicker chair.  This room is incredible.

Where, in this blog, does Led Zeppelin fit in?  They fit in where ever
I feel like putting them because they continue to rock my universe
every single day -- and they are British, after all

Maxfield Parrish -- the most romantic of all painters in my
humble, amateur opinion -- see my past blog about his work - I never grow tired of it

Tarnished silver -- why polish something so imperfectly perfect?
Outdoor dining -- probably California where flies and other pests are of no concern

This cellar in a home in Sweden was probably a functioning kitchen back in the day

Perfection in dressing...dressing room that is.
What a pleasure getting ready would be...

Thank you all for sticking with me -- I hope you enjoyed the first of many more blogs to
come after my little intermission this summer


Denise C said...

I could lose myself in your writing and beautiful pictures!

Elisabeth said...

Hi, so many lovely photos, I loved most of them and I like that you now feeling better! If you´re interested, check my daughters blog, regarding what you wrote about seeing the beuty in things...
she goes the second year in a media/photoclass and I like her photos! Big hug from Elisabeth

Anonymous said...

discovered your blog through your pics of Venice....have enjoyed your blog very so many of the same things you do.....kindred spirit....

Imam_Putranto said...

will you reply my post...
I hope so

I am looking for picture showing art and decoration for desk. I dont know much about art. Is there any desk art or something like that?

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