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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Eloquence, Inc. -- I want it all!

Louis IV Cane Back Sofa, c. 1930

After deciding that I am going to buy that old water mill in Wiltshire, England that I featured on my last post (in my dreams), I now need some additional furniture, so I walked (typed) on over to Eloquence, Inc.   Amelia Cooke and Kim Redmond of Eloquence certainly have an incredible eye for wonderful antique and vintage finds from Europe, and have also created a new line of furnishings and accessories that are amazing.  Although I will need to rob a bank, win the lottery, divorce my spouse and marry a wealthy man, become an arms dealer, etc. in order to afford to furnish my entire water mill estate with this line, I'm willing to give it a try.

French Armoire, c. 1850-70

Vintage Entry Doors with Original Chippy White Paint

Reproduction Tear Drop Chandelier

Armchair c. 1940 with original finish and burlap backing

Louis XV Serpentine Armchairs, c. 1930
French Louis XIV Armchair with original worn leather c. 1780's  

Gothic Mirrors, French Influence

French Trumeau, c. 1910

Reproduction Louix XV Bed

Antique Cast Iron Door Knockers

Dining Table, c. 1940

Old Armchairs, c. 1950


Patti said...

I love your post today. I especially like the French Armoir, Tear Drop Chandelier, and the Old Arm Chairs. It is all simply lovely.

happy cantaloupe said...

I found the Luis Iv 1930 sofa with cane back. I'm looking to purchase that same sofa. Any contacts you can give me to possibly purchase a sofa just like this one. Please contact me if you can.

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