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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Route 66 - in Pink

Vintage Trailer - 1950-1960's
I have always dreamed of owning a motor home and driving across America, stopping at all sorts of interesting places along the way, some well known and some not so much so.  I would meet people from all walks of life, take photos of them so that I would never forget them, and if they let me, dig through their junk to find something  to take back with me - haha!  While blogging, I found this site, Nancy's Vintage Trailers and just fell in love with this one.  All the pink and retro is just wonderful.  I would love a road trip with my girls in this sweet ride.  I can see us having strawberry margaritas, chips and dip served in a retro kitschy little serving dish, maybe with pink flamingos, and listening to some Frank Sinatra, Elvis and Patsy Cline.  Let's go!

QUESTION:  What is your feeling about campers, motor homes, trailers?  Do you travel in them? Would love to hear what you think and where you have been in a home on wheels. PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT

Love the old pink radio

I might could live here!

There's that radio again


Tammy said...

First: Love the pink trailer; second: I think I have a pot holder like the one on her pink stove!; third: the best beach vacation I ever had was in an RV in North Myrtle Beach. The campground saved the first row of sites for RVs!! My mom drove the behemoth and managed to back it into the space so we could sit at the table in the back and look out on the ocean! I love RVs! If I didn't have so much *junk*, I'd love to live in one : )

Lisa Walston said...

OMG!!! I want this in my back yard!!!

Sharon said...

I love camping as long as I'm in a travel trailer, love, love this pink retro trailer! I can see the girls on a trip in this and I can bring the pink flamingos!

HeatherBl├╝ Patschke said...

OOOOOH...I love your post! A house on wheels in definitely a dream for me!

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