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Monday, November 15, 2010

The French Nest - College Park Neighborhood, Orlando Florida

It seems only fitting that my post today should feature a shop that will hopefully be holding a special place in my life in the future...not that it doesn't already.  The French Nest is located in the College Park neighborhood in Orlando, Florida.  My dear friend, Martha Cook, is one of the owners, along with Marsha Stokes, the founder, and Shelly Nelson.  Martha is my late mother's best friend.  She is very dear to me for a number of reasons, most importantly because she loved my mother as much as anyone ever has.  Martha is now one of my best friends, having welcomed me into her life the same way she did my mother many years ago.  The first person I called when I resigned from my 9-5 job last month was Martha because I knew that she would encourage me to follow my gut and to become a "picker" full time.  So, now I'm fortunate enough to be going to Florida in the morning to visit with Martha and Shelly and to see this beautiful shop, and to meet Marsha for the first time.  I will then be helping to set up their permanent booth at Renninger's Antique Show for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Could I be doing anything I love more? It's doubtful.  I am so excited for this trip, for a visit with wonderful people, and for this opportunity.  I am featuring all sorts of photos of the shop from the French Nest's Facebook page.  If they were accepting reservations for overnight stays, I have no doubt they would be booked for months in advance!

All Photos - Copyright The French Nest, Orlando, Florida

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Lisa Walston said...

An amazingly beautiful shop! I hope you have the time of your life this week :o) Safe travels

Sharon said...

Yahoo! Have a blast girl!

Barbie said...

This shop is beautiful!!! I would love to go there sometime.

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