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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a White Thanksgiving

As we all gather with family and friends, to reflect on how blessed we are, I thought it only appropriate that today's blog should feature a dreamy dining room, which is my idea of a perfect setting for wine, food and conversation.  I am not sure it's kid friendly, but I would be willing to set up a fun little spot for them and us grown ups gather here.  This beautiful little piece of heaven belongs to interior designer Lauren Ross.  She's great at putting together all the colors that I love...white, cream, beige, robins egg blue and gray.

Dining Room - Interior Designer Lauren Ross

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I will be back over the weekend.  Spending time with my daughter while she's here and working on getting some antiques sold during this holiday season.  Thanks for visiting!


The Paper Mulberry said...

Hello Cynthia! Firstly I must apologise for not popping along for ages!!! Secondly I have to apologise for not 'following' - I thought I had added you to my list, however that has now been amended and I am your newest follower! Last but not least - wow what a fabulous dining room!!! So elegant!! I'm off now to make a tea and sit to enjoy the rest of your latest posts. Hugs from a 500 year old farmhouse in England - Glenda xxx P.s. I have now added a link through to your site (it has taken me a while to work out how!!!) under 'The Paper Mulberry featured in'.. with my utmost thanks once again for your kind post about my blog.

Cynthia Banks said...

Paper Mulberry, please don't apologize...I am just so glad that you are here and are following me! What a treat! and your home in beloved England sounds like a dream come true -- I hope to be in England in April 2012...I may never return once I get are truly blessed to live in a such a magical place and what you have done with the farmhouse makes me swoon. I am about to read all about its history...thank you for this lovely post!

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