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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mid-1800's Sideboard for Sale

For Sale: Mid-1800's Sideboard. Love piece. Very big...took two strong men to move it for me and will take two strong men to move it out. Features claw feet, all wood with some veneers. Gorgeous grain and dovetail drawers. Cupboards open with skeleton keys. Faux drawer in middle front. Lion's head hardware and original hardware. There is a crack across the top but it doesn't effect the function of the piece, nor does it take away from it. Just adds character. At some point in time, a mouse was evidently trapped inside as there is mouse bite marks on one of the shelves - I just love that sort of thing...sweetly shows the use of the piece over time. Measures approx 5"L x 5 1/2' H x 20"D. Would be a show stopper in the right room. I imagine it with lots of white so that the piece could stand front and center as the focal point in a room or hall. Asking $695 or best offer. Can be seen at Rockin' B Antiques in Newnan, Georgia. Email me or comment for additional information. Thanks!

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