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Thursday, February 10, 2011

And When You Dream of France....

It's 1:30 am, there is snow on the ground once again here in Sharpsburg, Georgia, my dogs are snoring and I'm wide awake as usual.  So I decided to check out one of the gazillion blogs that I follow on a regular basis. One of my favorites is Maison Douce. written by the lovely Isabel Feist Lang. Maison Douce so often has the most wonderful posts and so it is, with great pleasure, that I am featuring her most recent post.  Isabel shares my love of French style, as evidenced by these warm, cluttered (yes cluttered -- even with today's trends, cluttered still goes along way with me) rooms.  I so admire the "happened over time" look of these spaces, along with the sort of beauty that only patina and age can create.  I think these spaces have my name written all over it.  I would gladly give up my two rotten Yorkshire Terriers for this place (kidding...sort of).


Love these muted colors
Lots of greys which isn't surprising - hottest color going

Another space with the "unplanned" look

Rustic...chippy...and white - love it all

Gives me ideas of what to do with all of these urns I have

No nouveau riche granite, builders grade tile and backsplash here - love this 

A wonnderful argument for no rug or carpeting on the stairs

Artwork that doesn't coordinate - a mirror haplessly hung on the wall, the beautiful color of green...ahh

This sofa - my heart just skipped abeat - the place is perfect

Thank you Isabel.  Readers, if you are looking for a wonderful blog about antiques, old homes, flea market and thrift store treasures and the like, please visit Isabel's blog.  You will be glad that you did!

All photos courtesy of Isabel Feist Lang


Kathy Dalwood said...

Hi Cynthia,
thanks for your comment on my blog and so glad you appreciated the Chateaux de Bruniquel (more amazing shots to come!)
love the vibe of your blog and yes, you did well to show these fantastic French photos!
I loved all the antique stores in Georgia when I visited - lucky you, the stores in England are about a fifth of the size of yours!
best wishes

Denise C said...

These photos are really inspiring! I'm tempted to start hanging paintings all over and bring in all the urns from the backyard!

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Unknown said...

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