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Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Mail Box and Barbra Streisand

The Barn  - Part of Streisand's 3 Acre Compound
I have a love/hate relationship with my mailbox.  It's a rather fetching mailbox, consisting of black and copper on a white wood post - I like the look of it.  Of course, it's reaching in and coming out with lots of white envelopes that makes me hate it, as this requires me to write checks to the electric company, the cell phone provider, etc.  You know the routine.  But then there are the 20+ magazines that I subscribe to each month.  When one arrives, I get all happy, even though I have let quite a few go recently, as I'm finding that I can't read them all.  But there are some that I refuse to part with, namely Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, House Beautiful, Romantic Homes, and other house and garden mags.  Last week, I was feeling a little veklempt when I placed my hand in to grab this months Harper's Bazaar because it features a huge spread on Barbra Streisand's book, My Passon for Design (veklempt is a word, thanks to Linda Richmond of "Coffee Talk" from Saturday Night Live -- she would love the subject of this post).  Now before you start getting all huffy about her politics, her nose, or anything of the sort, let me state up front that I am crazy about her.  I think she is the most amazing singer ever, and is a quintessential movie star, even with her unconventional looks. I grew up knowing every word to every song, as my late mother adored Barbra.  So the Harper's feature is all about her love of architecture, interior design, dolls, and Victorian and Edwardian clothing.  Barbra is a serious collector and has been for decades (I will call her Barbra...we are on a first name basis, dontcha know).   Her Malibu compound consists of 3 acres and, because she loves so many different periods and styles, and because she has gobs and gobs of moola, she built several houses on the property and spends time in each one depending on her mood.  She also built a "street of dreams" in the basement of one of the homes so that she could display her collections for the full enjoyment of friends and guests.  After reading this feature, I immediately ordered the book -- all or part of the proceeds go The Barbra Streisand Women's Cardiovascular Research and Education Program

. I hope you enjoy this post.  I will be camped out on my front porch waiting on my mail lady to bring my copy of this book.  That will be a day I will be loving my mailbox.

One of the "Streets" in Streisand's basement - incredible attention to detail

The Doll Shop on the "Street" 

Edwardian Clothing Collection

One of her many famous dresses

Meeting Queen Elizabeth II and wearing the pink cape  shown above
Another photo from the "Street"

Barbra makes Victorian interior design look fresh here - love the floors and the walls

The gift wrapping shoppe - I think every woman wishes she had one of these! I know I do

Her dressing room - this French piece is incredible and the Aubusson rug - love...

Barbra with part of her Edwardian and Victorian clothing collection

An view from the air of the compound which overlooks on the Pacific Ocean

All photos, copyright Barbara Streisand: My Passion for Design,

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Sharon said...

Saw Barbara's home and collection on Oprah, amazing what you can do with money! Can't wait to see her on GMA Wed morning with Robin Roberts!

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